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My daughter has been going to Sweet Sunshine for 8 months and I can't say enough good things about it. The kids are exposed to so many things - art, Spanish, music, dancing. Not a day goes by that she doesn't surprise me with what she has learned.  
Eliana, Gladis, and Glenda are a dream team and keep the kids so happy - I literally have never heard a child crying when picking up or dropping off...that's pretty incredible with all those babies and toddlers!
Carmen V.,  New York, NY, 1/3/2013 

My son James went to Sweet Sunshine Day care for over a year. He has now moved on to preschool and outshines the other kids in many ways. We have nothing but great things to say.  
Eliana, Glenda and Gladis are loving, happy influences on the children.  They all go above and beyond for birthday's and holidays. Even though it is a home day care they are organized, clean and provide structure and special classes like most preschools. As a working mom it was reassuring to know my child was cared for in such a loving way. 
I look forward to sending my second son soon.  Thank you!
CR., San Francisco, CA, 11/19/2012

When I was pregnant with my little one, I interviewed 14+ in-home daycare facilities and of all that I visited, Sweet Sunshine stood out high above the others. My daughter has been there for 2 years now and absolutely loves it as much as her father and I do.
Eliana has transformed her home into an amazing learning environment and between her, Glenda and Gladis they provide outstanding, nurturing care for the children. They have a structured learning program and many days bring in outside teachers for music, art, dance and a pre-school curriculum. She decorates the house in various learning themes to support whatever they are teaching or the season - every couple of weeks it looks completely different inside. She has a beautiful back yard equipped with all kinds of fun play structures so the little ones are able to spend some good time outside as well as inside learning and playing.
My daughter is definitely developing social and verbal skills that seem to be advanced (of course we're biased!) And at the end of the day, there's nothing more comforting than your child happily running into daycare every morning when you drop her off and when you pick her up, she's super happy and energized. I give Sweet Sunshine Daycare the highest recommendation!
Jennifer C, Sausalito, CA, 12/2/2012

My daughter comes here 3 days a week. She started coming her at only 10 weeks of age. Eliana is a wonderful provider who looks after her as if she were her own.
Since I moved from Southern CA to the Bay Area for work - I have no family here to help me with childcare for my infant daughter. As a first time mom I had to begin a very difficult search to find someone trustworthy & experienced to sit with her. I was blessed to meet Eliana. I had interviewed a few other places but clicked with Eliana immediately. As a Latina I wanted my daughter to be in a setting where she heard other languages - here she is exposed to Spanish and Portuguese!
With Eliana's assistants and educators my daughter gets stimulating activities like puppetry & music class with frequent afternoon trips to the park. The home is brightly decorated with another room dedicated to rest and crafting. No TV in sight! Large, lovely backyard for the children to play in. I know my daughter is being engaged and entertained... not just sitting around watching TV.
Sweet Sunshine Daycare is a great home environment & I feel lucky to know Eliana, her staff and to have her in my daughter's life.
Sandra P, Diamond Bar, CA, 7/23/2008

My toddler has been at Eliana's for 18 months and I can't even begin to describe how happy I am to have stumbled upon Sweet Sunshine. It is the perfect union of fancy private preschool program-level activities and a warm nurturing family environment. Plus great rates!
I would highly recommend Sweet Sunshine to any parent, and especially to moms of toddlers looking to transition back to the workforce, since Eliana is so good at integrating new kids and quelling parent anxieties and also she offers a great Preschool curriculum. She also offers part-time care and is really wonderful at working with parents' schedules.
SS has Music, Art, and Spanish CLASSES (and not "Art - time" but an Art CLASS with a separate teacher and continuity and focus, same with Music and Spanish).
The kids also learn about Nature in the backyard and garden and do Yoga and they focus on different themes to help learn colors, numbers, and letters. They also get wonderful, home cooked meals and everyone's dietary needs are met. Eliana is a wonderful teacher who cares deeply about the progress of all of her kids in all areas and is very knowledgeable in child development. She has 2 wonderful women on staff who are equally warm and great with the kids and it is organized and well run and very clean.
It's amazing! I could go on and on....
JT, San Francisco, CA, 8/6/2011

My son has been at Sweet Sunshine Daycare & Preschool now for over 1 year. We LOVE it! He is so happy there and has grown in so many ways. He was not a very verbal little guy when he started in the program and now he is talking up a storm. He loves all the special classes that are a part of the rich curriculum like Spanish, music, art, science, and yoga. He is learning his letters, sounds, and numbers in both Spanish and English.
I have found Eliana and the other staff delightful to work with. They are all very kind and nurturing caregivers who seem to truly enjoy what they do. They are very accommodating and supportive of the children and their individual needs. It has been a perfect place for my son -- socially and academically. As a mother, I feel 100 % confident that he is in great hands!
Wendy P, Mill Valley, CA, 6/5/2012

My daughter has been at Sweet Sunshine since she was about 10 months old. She's now getting ready for pre-school. For the two plus years in between, I can find nothing to fault this place for. My daughter comes home telling me about the fun things she did, always with some craft or card. The parents create a little community of their own, as well. My husband does most drop offs and pickups and gets hailed at the mall or the coffee shop by other parents who know him on sight. Full family holiday get togethers also foster that supportive atmosphere. They are pragmatic about sick kids, focused on pre-school preparedness and bound and determined to have a good time. Spanish, music and dance classes plus healthy food included. As a working mom, there is nothing (short of staying home yourself) that comforts you more than knowing your child is being cared for by a team like this. They get bonus points for teaching a bit of ecology with the citrus trees in the backyard that the kids pick clean and get to take home and eat!
Ashanti H., Fairfax, CA, 2/25/2013

I feel extremely fortunate to have found sweet sunshine daycare. My daughter is eight months old and has multiple allergies to a variety of things. Eliana and her staff are extremely knowledgeable in regards to my daughters allergies and provide a well-balanced organic nutritional diet for all the children. They provide interactive educational activities for the children daily, have a spacious kid proof backyard (they provide sunscreen) and indoor activity room that has been divided so that toddlers and infants have their own areas to roam and play. My absolute favorite is walking in at the end of the day and watching my daughter happily interacting with the other kids and sometimes playing by herself and seeing her enjoying her time there. Then she sees me, smiles and continues to play. Nothing is more important to me than knowing my daughter is safe, happy, and well attended to while I'm working. Thank you Eliana and staff for providing professional and motherly care for us!
Elemi L, Mill Creek, WA, 10/29/2010

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